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Policy Title:                   Delegation of Authority to Act on Behalf of the Chancellor


Policy Number:             150-15


Responsible Officer:


Responsible Office:

Office of Chancellor

Office of Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

Origination Date:


Date of Revision:


Date of Last Review:



 I.        Introduction and Overview

Continuity in leadership is vital to ensure that the University is able to satisfy routine administrative responsibilities as well as meet challenges posed by emergencies. This policy defines the line of succession for delegation of the powers and duties of the Chancellor at times when the Chancellor is unavailable to handle such affairs.


II.         Background and Related References


The UC policy concerning Safeguards, Security, and Emergency Management specifies that each campus will implement an effective program for emergency preparedness and business recovery. A clear succession plan for the Office of the Chancellor is a vital part of this program.



III.        Definitions


The powers and duties of the Chancellor are defined by Board of Regents Bylaw 31. The bylaw authorizes the Chancellor to be the chief campus officer and the executive head of all activities on that campus, and to be responsible for the organization and operation of the campus, its internal administration, and its discipline.


According to the UC Policy on Safeguards, Security and Emergency Management and PACAOS 50.00 Policy on Campus Emergencies, the Chancellor may declare a state of emergency under certain conditions. In brief, a state of emergency is defined to be those times when (1) emergent conditions exist on or within the vicinity of the campus as a result of a natural or man-made disaster, a civil disorder that poses the threat of serious injury to persons or damage to property, or based on other seriously disruptive events; and (2) extraordinary measures are required immediately to avert, alleviate, or repair damage to university property or to maintain the orderly operation of the campus.



IV.   Policy


In the event of the Chancellor's incapacitation or inability to communicate with the campus in order to exercise their authority to respond in a timely manner to the needs of the campus, the powers and duties of the Chancellor will pass to the following officers in order of availability:


·       Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor

·       Vice Chancellor-Planning, Budget and Administration 

·       Vice Chancellor-Research and Economic Development

·       Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs

·       Vice Chancellor-University Advancement

·       Vice Chancellor-Health Sciences

·       Vice Chancellor-Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The person assuming the powers and duties of the Chancellor will be considered the acting Chancellor. The acting Chancellor will serve in this position until (1) the conditions impeding the Chancellor from exercising their authority have ceased, (2) an individual of higher order on the succession list becomes available to assume the title of acting Chancellor, or (3) the acting Chancellor becomes unavailable, in which case this policy is again applied. 



V.    Procedures


In the case of a declared emergency, the acting Chancellor will notify the University of California Office of the President (UCOP) immediately upon assuming the duties. Such notice will include the circumstances leading to the assumption of these duties.

Members of the Chancellor's Emergency Management Policy Group will, in a timely manner, inform their organizational units of the identity of the acting Chancellor and the circumstances of the assumption of those duties.


Once the Chancellor becomes available to reassume the duties of the position, timely notification will be provided to UCOP.



VI.   Related Information


·       UC Policy on Safeguards, Security and Emergency Management

·       UC Board of Regents Bylaw 31

·       PACAOS 50.00 Policy on Campus Emergencies



VII.  Revision History


The original policy on Delegation of Authority to Act on Behalf of the Chancellor was issued on August 1, 2011. This policy superseded rescinded policy number 150-1, Executive Succession in Emergencies, dated 09/01/2005, and rescinded delegation of authority CHA0009, Individual in Charge of the Campus in the Chancellor's Absence, dated 08/14/1995. These two documents were in conflict because CHA0009 defined the delegation of authority to occur whenever the chancellor is "away," without regard to situation. Moreover, the succession list defined in CHA0009 was not the same as the succession list defined in the aforementioned policy. Therefore, it was possible that, in the case of an emergency such that the Chancellor was "away," two different officers would be delegated the powers and duties of the Chancellor. This policy prevents that possibility because the two competing lists have been combined into a single list used for all circumstances leading to the unavailability of the Chancellor.


The policy was revised on July 1, 2014. The policy then underwent technical revisions on June 30, 2022 to update officer positions and hyperlinks in the policy and align formatting with current practices.