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Campus Policy Number: 350-52

Photographic Services (Services and Payment Procedures)

Policy Owner: Media Resources
Effective Date:7/1/89

The Photographic Service provides a highly professional and sophisticated level of expertise. This is particularly true in the case of photographing plants, plant sections and insect organisms requiring sophisticated techniques, exact lighting, timing and depth perception.

    • Color or black and white, 2x2 slides. These can be copies from books, typed pages, maps, charts, graphs, etc. Excellent slides can be made from typed originals if two requirements are met:
      • The typed area is small, not over 4x6; and
      • The typing is black and even. An electric typewriter should be used, and the paper should not be backed with carbon, since it hinders the photographic process.
    • Slide film developing
    • Copy negatives
    • Developing film for special photographic purposes
    • Passport photos (black and white, and color)
    • Pictures, black and white, in or out of studio
    • Prints, black and white
    • Prints, color (made off campus)
    • Macro and micro photographs
    • E6 Color processing

    All reproductions are printed using the photographer's best judgement when cropping instructions are not provided.

    For special requests, please call the Photographic Service, extension 3445.

  3. Appointments must be scheduled both in and out of studio, eight (8) hours in advance.

    Orders received after 12:00 noon will be considered received the following day when determining in-studio workdays. Allow five (5) days to complete all work. Every effort will be made to deliver within the established delivery time.

  5. Payment can be made by recharge, cash, or check. If paying by recharge, provide a recharge card with the control number and an authorized signature for all orders. Verbal orders require confirmation of a recharge card. Special arrangements for billing may be made.

  7. Finished material can be sent through the mail, held for pick-up in Photographic Service, delivered to Media Services, for pick-up, or placed in an after-hours pick-up rack outside the Photographic Service door.