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Campus Policy Number:             350-16

Policy Topic:                                   Use of Mail Services

Policy Owner:                                Mail Services

Effective Date:                              09/15/1994

Revision Date:                               01/25/2011


A.      Policy


Mail Services at the University of California, Riverside (UC Riverside) are provided exclusively for official university business.  Mail Services may be used for non-university business, on an exception basis only, upon the prior approval of the Vice Chancellor or his/her designee.


Employee organizations are not permitted to use the campus mail service.  Registered student organizations may use Mail Services to distribute and deliver to more than one department or unit only if the material is related to their official "Statement of Purpose" and the documentation clearly reflects co-sponsorship of a campus department or unit.


1.       Mail Services may not be used for distributing material of a political, religious, or personal nature.

2.       No coins or currency may be sent through Mail Services.

3.       Commercial materials intended to result in personal or organizational gain, solicitations for contributions, may not be distributed through Mail Services.

4.       University departments or units may use Mail Services to announce the imminent retirement of an employee.  Direct solicitation for money may not be made via the announcement.

5.       All material sent from one department or unit to another on campus must be placed in envelopes.  Books, merchandise, or very large heavy items will not be transported by regular mail pickup and delivery.


B.      Personal Mail


All personal mail must be posted in United States Postal Service (USPS) mail boxes.  Mail Services is authorized to handle only official university mail.  USPS mail boxes have been placed at various locations throughout the campus.  Use of Mail Service is limited to official university business.   University departments and units are reminded that personal mail, incoming as well as outgoing, will not be processed by Mail Services.  


C.      Forwarding Mail for Former Personnel


It is the responsibility of each individual department or unit to forward mail to former employees and personnel on vacation, leave of absence, or sabbatical leave.  Departing employees should notify all correspondents of any address change.  The USPS will not forward mail from within the University (92521).



D.      Department Identification


All departments are required to identify mail addressed outside the University by placing their return address in the upper left-hand corner.  Mail cannot be processed without this information, which must include three digit mail account code and nine digit zip code.



Accounting - 002

University of California

Riverside, CA  92521-0123


E.       Envelopes and Addressing


White envelopes should be used for mailing first-class letters.  Manila envelopes may be used for mailing first-class material needing larger than #10 envelopes.  There is a surcharge of ten cents ($0.10) for mailing lightweight, non-standard sized envelopes weighing one ounce or less.


F.       Paper Clips and Staples


Paper clips should not be used unless absolutely necessary.  If paper clips or staples are used, the material should be inserted into the envelopes so that the paper clips or staples are placed in the lower left-hand corner.  The envelopes should be sealed and marked "Hand Stamp" by the originating department or unit.


G.     Mail Service Specification


All outgoing mail, larger than letter-size, must bear an endorsement, such as First-Class or Third-Class.  Letter-size mail is automatically considered first-class in the U.S. and airmail out of the country.  First-class and third-Class mail in the U.S.A. are identical in cost up to the first five ounces.  Mail that is not endorsed will be sent the most expeditious way to eliminate any delays.


H.     Zip Codes


Zip codes must be used for every address on outgoing U.S. mail to achieve greater accuracy and speed in dispatch and delivery.  Refer to the Zip Code Directory for correct zip codes and two-letter state abbreviations.


I.        Sealing


Envelopes which need sealing must have flaps down as if sealed for processing.  There is no charge for this service unless the envelopes cannot be sealed when postage is applied.  Each envelopes that must be run through the postage machine twice, will be charged one-half cent.


J.        Frequently Asked Questions


Direct any general questions about this UCR Campus Policy & Procedures 350-16, Use of Mail Services, to UCR Mail Services, extension 2-6245.