Delegations of Authority

Authority for making decisions at the University is communicated through various means, e.g., policies, delegation of authority letters, procedures, job descriptions, signature authorization forms, and granting various transactor and reviewer roles in systems.

The Regents may authorize the President to make certain decisions, and may authorize the President to redelegate that decision-making authority to Chancellors or other UC officers. The redelegation of authority may be formalized on Delegation of Authority letters (DA's). A database of these Presidential delegations is maintained at the Office of the President Universitywide Policy Office and can be viewed at: http://www.ucop.edu/ucophome/coordrev/da/.

The Chancellor may choose to redelegate his or her own authority (if the Presidential delegation allows redelegation), and will issue a campus Delegation of Authority letter. A database of these campus-level redelegations is maintained by Finance and Business Operations.

A Delegation of Authority letter specifies the title of the position to which authority has been delegated, the extent of the authority, and whether or not the authority can be redelegated. The letter includes a reference to the source of the authority being delegated, should include any specific terms, restrictions, or requirements established by the original delegation, make reference to any delegation being superseded, and include courtesy copies to those listed in the original delegation as well as the campus Delegations of Authority Coordinator in Finance and Business Operations.

Any break in the sequence represents a rescinded delegation, usually based on a change to the Standing Orders or because the subject matter has ceased to be current.

For additional information, please see Campus Policy # 150-70, Delegations of Authority. For information on archived Delegations of Authority, please contact Finance and Business Operations (UCRpolicy@ucr.edu or call 827-7321).

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