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Campus Policy Number: 900-40

Travel Advances, Cash Advances, Direct Charges for Airfare, Registration Fees and Local

Policy Owner: Accounting Office

Effective Date: 07/01/00

    This section provides a brief overview of the UC policies and campus procedures for requesting travel advances, cash advances, direct charges for airfare, registration fees and local hotels.  For a complete discussion on travel and other cash advances, please refer to UC Business and Finance Bulletin G-28 .

  2. Travel advances, cash advances; and direct charges for airfare, registration fees and some local hotels may be issued only to employees of the University who are authorized to travel for the University, and whose travel expenses represent a proper charge against funds administered by the University.

  4. Cash advances are not intended to provide a contingency reserve for personal use by the traveler. They should only be used to cover the out-of-pocket costs of the individual. Therefore, they will normally be issued to cover only subsistence expenses and other known expenses.  Cash advances will not be given for the purchase of airfare or other common carrier tickets for particular trips. These should instead be procured in advance by the traveler/department from a local travel agency and charged directly to the University (in the name of the traveler or the traveler's sponsor and traveler's department). A sub-purchase order need to be initiated via SUBPO LITE.  These charges will be recorded on your general ledger as soon as the invoice is processed for payment.  The traveler will be required to record the expenses as a memo item on the Travel Expense Voucher (Form U85) upon completion of the trip.

    1. Airfare and Registration Fees.

    2. Airfare and Registration (conference fees) expenses should be billed directly to the University.   Department must generate a Sub Purchase Order number when the reservation is made.  Department must remember to finish and receive the subpo in order for Accounting to pay the vendor  invoice.  Access for travel related agreements should be granted by the SAA within your department.  Transportation tickets and Registration fees should be procured in advance in order to obtain any discounts offered by the carrier or organization.  Tickets and Conference fees can be initiated and paid for as follows:

      • (i) Corporate travel card (American Express Card).  Any traveler issued such a card is required to use it to pay for expenses related to official University business travel, including lodging and subsistence.  Re-imbursement will be made at the end of the trip after the submission of the travel expense voucher and the attached receipts.
      • (ii) Personal Credit Card, Check or Cash.  Re-imbursement will be made at the end of the trip after the submission of the travel expense voucher and the attached receipts.  On an exception basis,  a re-imbursement may be processed prior to the start of the trip.  A form 5 will be required for such a re-imbursement.
      • (iii) Direct Charge.  The vendor should bill the University directly.  Department must generate a Sub Purchase Order number when the reservation is made.  Department must remember to finish and receive the subpo in order for Accounting to pay the vendor  invoice.  An agreement has been made with Canyon Crest travel that tickets purchased for University travel has to be paid for by any of the three methods discussed here.

    3. Local Hotels
      UC Riverside through Purchasing Department has made arrangements with some local hotels when the University is paying for the hotel room. The agreements cover the hotel room costs only and not any incidentals like telephone, meals, movies, etc.

      The local hotel agreements with Dynasty Suites, Courtyard by Marriott, Holiday Inn and the Mission Inn are now available in SubPOlite. Access for travel related agreements should be granted by the SAA within your department.  After this initial set up within SubPOlite, the following procedure is used to process the individual transactions:

      Department must generate a Sub Purchase Order number, phone the hotel for the reservation, then fax the Sub Purchase order to the hotel. Department must remember to finish and receive the subpo in order for Accounting to pay the hotel invoice.

      1. Dynasty Suites:

      2. Phone #: 369-8200
        Fax # 341-6486 Attn: Liz Obershaw
        Prices: King size bed - double occupancy       $54.00 + 11% city/bed tax
        Deluxe king or 2 queen-double occup. $57.00 + "
        Standard (without amenities)- double $51.00 + "

      3. Courtyard by Marriott:

      4. Phone # 276-1200
        Fax #787-6783
        Prices: Double occupancy, room types consist of two (2) queen, beds, two (2) double beds, or one kind plus a sofa bed $62.00 + 11% city/bed tax.

      5. Holiday Inn:

      6. Phone # 784-8000
        Fax # 369-7127 Attn: Denise Basore
        Prices: Single occupancy/king size bed $65.00 + 11% city/bed tax Double occupancy/king size bed $70.00 + 11% city/bed/tax

      7. Mission Inn:

      8. Phone # 784-0300
        Fax # 341-6730
        Process for hotel reservations at Mission Inn: Departments need to fax a copy of the Sub Purchase Order (name of guest(s), date(s), and prices included)  to attn: Kari Gomez, Fax #341-6730. Reference on Sub PO that you are a  Landmark Corporate Club Member and refer to account #179. After receipt of  faxed copy, departments calls to confirm reservation identifying the Sub Purchase Order number.  Prices for Mission Inn are:  Standard, single/double occupancy- $79.00 + 11% city/bed tax  Glenwood (upgraded) Single/Double Occupancy $89.00 + 11% city/bed tax.   Mission Inn also offers complimentary shuttle service to/from Ontario International Airport which must be prearranged prior to arrival date.

    1. General Guidelines
    2. It is the policy of the University that all official travel shall be properly authorized, reported, and reimbursed in accordance with University travel regulations. Under no circumstances are travel expenses for personal travel to be charged to the University, nor shall travel expenses for personal travel be temporarily funded by the University.  When a University employee travels under the sponsorship of a non-University entity or another UC Campus, the travel expenses may not be charged to a University of California Riverside account. Travel advances and tickets should be obtained from the sponsor.  University employees traveling on official business shall observe normally accepted standards of propriety in the type and manner of expense incurred.

    3. Submitting Requests For Advances
    4. Requests for advances should be submitted on the Request for Travel or Other Cash Advance (Form 6).  The UCR Accounting Office - Travel Office requires five (5) business days to process these requests PRIOR to the date it is needed.  Form 6's can be downloaded from the UCR Accounting Office website.  Click on Accounts Payable.  To the right of this page click on the VARIOUS FORMS box.  Instructions on how to download the Excel 7.0 form can be obtained from this site.

    5. Required approvals
    6. Advance requests must be approved by the Department Chair or his/her authorized representative. Such approval will constitute not only approval as to reasonableness of  amount, but also verification that such travel will be on official University business.  Advances in excess of $1,000 must be signed by the Department Chair or next higher level administrative officer. In cases of contracts and grants where prior approval for the intended travel is needed, reference to such approval must also be shown.

    7. Completing the Form 6
    8. Each advance request will normally cover one trip; however, if several small trips are scheduled to be made within a period of thirty days, a total advance for the period will be allowed.

      The Form 6 contains the following information: the payee name, the payee's mailing address, the date the advance is needed by (mail date or pick-up date), the traveler's name (if different from the payee), the traveler's department, etc.  When the purpose of the trip is to attend a scholarly meeting, this should also be specified somewhere on the Form 6 (in the purpose or other comments sections).  Once you complete the Form 6 and obtain the required approvals, send the original and one copy to the Accounting Office Travel Section and maintain one copy for your own records. The Travel Section, upon receiving the Form 6, will assign a unique Advance Number to the request. This number will be provided in the Departmental Summary of Outstanding Advances reports. The Advance Number can be referenced in regard to any future inquiries you may have on the status of the advance.

    9. Timing Of Advance Requests
    10. Advance requests should be submitted and received no later than (5) five business days before the advance is needed. Advance requests may be submitted well in advance of the trip, but requests for cash advances will not be processed more than (5) five days days prior to the date of departure.

    11. Advances For Inter campus Travel
    12. When another UC campus is reimbursing the travel expense of a UCR traveler, any advances must be requested through the other campus. This includes airfare,  registration fees, and cash advances. Travelers need to contact the responsible department on the other campus to request the advance(s) or utilize their Corporate American Express Card. The UCR Accounting Office - Travel unit will no longer be able to issue advances for intercampus travel, unless Riverside campus is responsible for the expenses.

    13. Clearing Advances
    14. The traveler should report travel expenses and account for all travel advances within (21) twenty-one days after completion of the trip. If the advance covers more than one trip in a month, it must be twenty-one days after the end of the month.  Advances should be cleared by submitting a Travel Expense Voucher. When properly completed, signed, and approved, this form is used to record the expense on the department ledger and/or reimburse the traveler for any additional amount due. List the sponsor's name in the remarks section of the travel expense voucher if your traveler is a guest/student/visitor.  If an advance is to be made to/on behalf of a foreign visitor (non U. S. citizen), make sure that all required supporting documentation is forwarded with the completed, signed, and approved travel expense voucher to the UCR Accounting Office - Travel unit.  See  UCR Policy 900-20, Section C, paragraph 4 or contact the UCR Accounting Office - Travel unit at ext. 3304.

    15. Failure To Clear Advances in a Timely Manner
    16. If outstanding advances and/or proceeds from discount, rebate, or premium coupons on transportation tickets have not been recovered within 60 days from the date the accounting for the trip was due, the Accounting Officer (or other campus officer designated by the Chancellor) shall, in the absence of extenuating circumstances, initiate action for recovery through a collection agency or, when the employee has agreed in writing, by a deduction from the salary, wages, or other amounts due by the traveler.  Any advances that cannot be recovered from the traveler shall be charged to the account indicated on the Form 6 submitted when the advance was originally requested.

    17. Cash Advances For Expenses Other Than Travel in a Timely Manner
    18. Cash advances for expenses other than travel shall by accounted for by reporting expenses on a Check Request (Form 5) or an Entertainment Check Request (Form U5-IE) within 21 days after completion of the project. When a project extends beyond 30 days, an accounting of the expense from the beginning to the current date for each 30 day period shall be submitted to the Accounting Office. When properly completed and approved, with itemized paid receipts attached, these forms are used to record the expense on the department ledger and/or reimburse the employee for any additional amount due.

    19. Refunding Advances Taken Out in Excess of expenses
    20. At the completion of a trip or project, when a refund is due the Regents for the unused portion of an advance, please attach the refund (a check payable to the "Regents - UC") to the Travel Expense Voucher and/or Form 5 and/or Form U5-IE forward it to the Accounting Office.

    21. Canceled or postponed Trips
    22. Cash advances for travel or other cash advances for expenses must be refunded immediately when an authorized trip or project is canceled or indefinitely postponed.

  8. Cash advances for up to $300 may be obtained from the Cashier's office on the first  floor of Hinderaker Hall. All cardholders of UCR's American Express Corporate Card Program are eligible, but the following steps must be completed to obtain the advance:

    1. The traveler must bring a completed and approved American Express Travel Advance Request form to the Cashier's office. The authorizing signature must be the individual in the department authorized to sign for travel. (The forms are available in the Storehouse, stock number 71471-169.)
    2. The American Express Cash Advance Receipt must also be completed and signed at the Cashier's window. The trip related information should be provided in the appropriate spaces. The traveler will receive the cash and a copy of the Cash Advance Receipt.
    3. At the end of the business trip, a Travel Expense Voucher must be submitted for all expenses, including the amount used for the travel advance, for reimbursement by the University. Do not record the amount of the American Express cash advance in column 18 of the Travel Expense Voucher, as the traveler will be billed for these charges on his/her monthly statement from American Express.

  10. In helping user departments manage their outstanding travel advances, the Travel unit will periodically generate a report of all outstanding advances by Travel ID Number for each department.  This is to remind you of all outstanding travel advance(s) for employees in your department.  All expenses incurred on a University business trip must be accounted for by submitting a travel expense voucher  (U 85) within TWENTY-ONE DAYS after completion of the trip.  We would like to avoid interruption of future travel advances to your employees.  Therefore, travel advances should be cleared as soon as possible.  If you should have any questions, please contact the travel unit at extension 3304.

    1. Business and Finance Bulletin  Policy and Regulations Governing Travel (G-28)
    2. UCR Policy 200-62  Payment to Aliens
    3. UCR Policy 650-40  References and Resources
    4. UCR Policy 900-05  American Express Corporate Charge Card
    5. UCR Policy 900-20  Travel Expense Reimbursement Rates and Process

    Questions regarding this policy should be referred to the Travel unit  in the Accounting Office at extension 3304.