UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 800-70

Privacy and Access to Information

Policy Owner: Labor Relations

Effective Date: 10/1/86

The University supports the principle that access to information concerning the conduct of business in a public university is the right of every citizen. It further supports the principle of securing the individual's fundamental right of privacy.

The Business and Finance Bulletin RMP-8, which is available on line via CWIS - GOPHER, describes the legal requirements on privacy of and access to information.

More detailed information may be obtained from the Labor Relations Office, 1160 University Avenue. Information concerning academic personnel records and student records may be obtained from the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor.

  2. (In addition to those cited in Business and Finance Bulletin RMP-8)

    • Academic Personnel Manual, Section 160, Academic Personnel Records/Maintenance of, Access to, and Opportunity to Request Amendment of