UCR Policies and Procedures

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To Be Deleted

Campus Policy Number: 650-29

Employment - Temporary Employment

Policy Owner: Human Resources (HR Services Unit)
Effective Date: 9/15/1995

Deletion Date:  5/16/2011

The University has contracts with two temporary employment agencies to provide qualified temporary employees. Questions regarding temporary employment should be directed to extension 2636. Questions regarding billing should be directed to extension 4721.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Contact the Employment Office at extension 2636.
  2. Provide the following information:
    • Work place (specific location).
    • Work hours, length of assignment, and proposed start date.
    • Description of duties and job requirements, e.g., the required level of computer skills and computer equipment/software required.
  3. The Employment Office will contact the agency with the requirements. Once the agency has found an appropriate candidate, the Employment Office will contact the department identifying the temporary employee, start date and time, and the rate.
  4. The University will not pay for a temporary employee's parking. The agency can purchase parking permits to distribute among their employees or they can require their employees to pay for parking.
  5. Once the temporary employee begins working, the department must observe his/her work to make sure the temporary performs at the level requested. If the temporary does not perform at the required level, the department contacts the Employment Office as soon as possible. The department will not be charged if it contacts the Employment Office prior to the end of the first four hours. The agency will replace the person as soon as possible or one of the other contracted agencies will be contacted.
  6. On a weekly basis, the temporary employee will complete a time card. The department should verify his/her work hours, sign, and retain a copy of the time card. The Employment Office receives weekly invoices from the agencies from which departments will be charged.
  7. If the department wishes to extend the length of an assignment, the Employment Office should be contacted.
  8. The University may hire temporary employees but only after he/she has worked six (6) consecutive weeks at the University as an agency employee. The temporary may not be put on the University payroll system until completion of the six weeks.