UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 200-66

Payroll Check - Disposition and Distribution

Policy Owner: Accounting Office (Payroll)
Effective Date:2/1/83


    University employees must complete the Personal Data Form (UPAYS44) indicating their choice of payroll check disposition. Two choices are available: (1) mail to campus department, or (2) deposit to bank account through Sure/Pay. Instructions for preparing this form are found in the Payroll/Personnel System Departmental Procedures Manual.


    Following are guidelines relative to the distribution of payroll checks in departments:


    1. Payroll checks that cannot be delivered to employees by the departments must be returned to the Accounting Office/Payroll within 30 days.



    2. The responsibility for undistributed checks should be assigned to one custodian and an alternate.



    3. Checks held in the department for distribution must be kept in locked storage. accessible only to the custodian or alternate.



    4. Positive identification of the payee is required prior to the release of the check.



    5. In order for a check to be released to an individual other than the payee, that individual must present written authorization signed by the payee.


      Reference Business and Finance Bulletin A-23 for the above controls.


    Payroll Office guidelines for distribution are as follows:


    1. Checks ready for distribution by the Payroll Office or other distribution point, must be kept in locked storage accessible only to the assigned custodian or alternate.



    2. Receipts obtained by the Payroll Office from departmental representatives who pick up payroll checks should be retained for six months. In addition to the signature of the departmental representative, the receipt must include the date and number of checks picked up.



            Business and Finance Bulletin IA-101 "Internal Control Standards:  Departmental Payrolls".

            UCR Policies and Procedures 250-40 "Internal Control Guidelines for Campus Departments".