UCR Policies and Procedures

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Campus Policy Number: 200-54

Funds - Transfer of Funds (Requests for)

Policy Owner: Accounting Office
Effective Date: 2/1/83


    Transfers of funds are permitted between like funds within the same functions. Functions are identified by the first two digits of the account numbers.

    EXAMPLE: Transfer from 662000-19900-2 to 661001-19900-3 from 688000-20000-3 to 682000-20000-2 from 400350-07427-2 to 400350-07427-3


    Transfers are not permitted between unlike funds or functions

    EXAMPLE: Transfer from 681000-20000-3-to 681000-20095-3 from 600000-19900-3 to 661000-i9900-3

    These examples are not acceptable transfers.


    Transfers of funds for permanent and temporary transactions must be put on Form 1520R. The green shaded areas are for the use of the Accounting and Budget offices. The number of spaces for each box or column is indicated in the heading.

    The following areas must be completed:


    1. Date -- Use the date of preparation, month, day, and year. Each have two spaces on the form. XX-XX-XX.


    3. Transfer & Suffix Numbers -- Assigned by the Accounting Office. The transfer number will appear in the voucher column of the DEX313 for the temporary transfers of funds.


    5. Effective Fiscal Year -- Enter the fiscal year that the transfer is effective, e.g., 82-83 for fiscal year ending June 30, 1983.


    7. Check Appropriate Box -- Check the appropriate box(es) with an X to indicate if the transfer is Permanent (for amending the Adjusted Budget) and Temporary also, if for current fiscal year.


    9. Name of Budget -- Enter the name of the account and the title of the sub-account, e.g., A.S. (Academic Salaries), S.S. (Staff Salaries), etc.


    11. Loc(ation), Account, Fund, Sub -- Enter the campus location code (5 for Riverside or N for Cooperative Extension), the 6-digit account number, the 5-digit fund number, and the sub-account. Transfers must be made between like funds, and within the same function, e.g., 400399 to 400345, except for transfers between the 66 General Administration and :5~ Institutional Support functions. Use one line for each sub.


    13. Description or Title Code -- This is optional for departmental use to assist in identifying the transaction or the title code for academic and staff salaries.


    15. Current Year Amount -- Transfer From or Debit (DR) and Transfer to or Credit (CR) amounts must have the cents indicated and commas inserted where appropriate. If FTE is being transferred with no dollar amounts, enter "O" in the appropriate DR or C R column opposite the FTE.


    17. F.T.E. Temp. or Perm. -- If FTE is being transferred both temporarily and permanently, it must be indicated in both columns.


    19. Permanent Amount -- On the same line as the temporary transfer, enter the amount of the permanent adjustment under the "Transfer From (DR)" or "Transfer to (CR)" column. Omit the cents. but use commas if appropriate.


    21. Transactions -- The last four columns (SAU, SUB, CM, TRAN CL, TYPE) are for entering the information into the Budget System (BSL) and will be completed by the Budget Office.


    23. Totals -- The Debit and Credit columns must balance.


    25. Explanation -- All transfers must clearly specify the reason funds are available in the account from which they are being transferred as well as why the funds are needed in the account to which the funds are being transferred. If more space is required, attach an additional sheet.


    27. Approvals -- The originating department head or whoever has signature authority for transfers of funds requests must sign and date the form in the first "By" line. The transfer is then forwarded to the next higher authority to whom the originating department reports, or to the Accounting Office.


    29. Distribution of Copies -- Send the first four copies of the form to the next approving officer, and retain the last copy (copy 5) after removing the sheet of carbon paper preceding copy 5. Copy 3 will be returned to the originating department with indication of the final action taken.

      Attachment 1: Transfer of funds request